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Keeping Your Child Safe While on the Playground

24th Feb 2017

Keeping Your Child Safe While on Playground

Playground – one of the best places your child would think of. It is where they can enjoy their childhood, improve physicality, discover hidden abilities, and a place where they can meet new friends… and enemies.

Almost in all places, a playground is available. You can find playgrounds in local parks and recreation centers. Some malls have playgrounds where your child could enjoy his haven for a period. Some restaurants and fast-food chains also include a playground in their amenities.

True, playgrounds are parents’ best friend – relatively. It makes kids happy and also helps them to learn the importance of socialization as most children today enjoy more time in electronic gadgets than they would with interactive activities.

But most importantly, while making sure your child enjoys his stay in the playground, might as well you ensure they are safe. Children would care much about their fun and playmates than they would with their safety. That said, keeping your child safe while on the playground. No excuses!

How, then, can you keep your child safe while on the playground? Here are some practical tips that you should do:

Keeping Your Child from Harm While on the Playground

Children, whether we like it or not, are always innocent. They do anything that they think fun without sometimes thinking about the consequences. Some kids would stick their tongue on ice, eat a snowball, or jump on a monkey bar while mimicking
Superman. All these crazy things they do innocently – without any guilty pleasures. So, it is your responsibility to supervise them.

  • Inspect the Playground

Before letting your kid play on a playground, inspect the place first. Evaluate the safety of the equipment around. Look for playground equipment that has rust, breaks, or anything suspicious, or you think unsafe to use. If you found flaws with the things around the ground, report it immediately to local offices.

  • Supervise Your Child

Now that you have checked yourself that the playground is safe and does not have harmful gears, y
ou can allow your kid to play on it. However, doesn’t mean you confirm the playground is reliable you would not supervise your child. As already mentioned, children do whatever things they think fun whether how crazy it is so you have to oversee them and make sure whatever crazy thing they’d do is safe. This task should be easy as kids will call you too often to watch them do cool stuff like hanging on the monkey bar with one hand or as they waive you hello while being on top of a seesaw.

  • Dress Your Kid Properly

Let your child wear the proper attire when going to the playground. Children do not always care about how clothes could protect them, but only on how the apparels can make them look cute. So, as a parent, it is your paramount duty to clothe your child with fashionable and protective clothes. Make sure to let your kid wear right footwear – sneakers or clogs (such as Crocs) should be okay.

Aside from these things, it is also best to teach your child good manners and right conduct especially when playing with other kids. Before heading to the playground, instruct your child to be good with others; not to fight with them, learn to wait for switching turns, and avoid calling names. Indeed, you will keep your child safe from any physical harms. Planning to go to camping instead? Read our next post that provides practical tips on how to make your camping safe even with a child.

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