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Precautions and Ideas When Flying with Your Baby

25th Oct 2016
air travelling with your baby

air travelling with your baby

Is it safe to fly over the skyline with your baby? Most parents are stressed out planning a trip with a child. But is it really advisably doable? Here are practical ideas to make your chin up.

Preventing Ultimate Face-Palms

It is wise to take early precautions to the possible inconvenience beforehand. Cater your young’s need accordingly to his phase. Newborn babies demand earnest attention while infants burst intense playfulness which makes traveling somehow stressing. Toddlers on the other hand, if managed lovingly, can make fly off less stressing… Or not. Your baby might require you to bring bulky stacks of diapers, duffle of toys, and uncertainly huge number of snacks.

Your airborne will be more convenient if you…

  • Book your child a ticket. You might have thought of keeping your tot on your lap and sit them on pre-assumed vacant seats. But this is no good idea. Keeping your child on lap may put their life on risk to injury or death in the serious accidents or severe turbulence. Otherwise, get your child his own ticket, bring his car seat, and snap the strap during the flight.
  • Pick a child-friendly airline. Though all airlines claim to be customer-centric, all this novel can only be true as long as you yourself is on the aircraft. Most child friendly airlines are often the international, high rated, and small upstart airlines that tries to win the customers. Any symptoms for a child friendly airline? Accommodating flight attendants and those with play facilities.
  • Pack light, bag better. Traveling with a kid means packing up all possible necessity. Bag your own things lightly and prep your kid’s clothes and dodos. You don’t want to end up looking tiring and pale bringing bulky unnecessary things. If your kid is a toddler, you might want to give him his own light stroll – it’s a good way of waking his travel list… And can relatively help you bring things lighter.
  • Prep something your child can chew on. What for? It keeps their ears protected from the unwanted inevitable air pressure. Bring them pacifier, a bottle, teeters, or anything they savagely want to bite on.
  • Understand their comfort needs. Your child will most likely demand for “wee wee”, “pee”, “poo poo”, “poop”, or whatever you call it. You must understand they need intense diaper care or several walkthroughs to the lavatory. If so, you can book ahead and plan your seats or you can just prep your patience and let things go as they would.

These are just some of the many ways you can handle your child’s flight. Following these ideas does not guarantee totally stress-free fly off but it can certainly lessen possible flight face-palm situations.

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