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Surviving the Road Trip with Your Child

6th Dec 2016

kids-travel The good news is, we’re going to Grandmother’s house. The bad news is, we will be seating on the car for several hours. Being in the car for an hour is exhausting, and this is even more crucial if it takes more than an hour. Traveling the road gets more challenging when you have your kids with you. Children tend to feel tedious when seated for an extended period, and when they get tedious, they start to create a fiasco. How, then, can you make your road trip enjoyable for your kids?

Making a Plan

Making a plan is critical before hitting the road. It will help you avoid unwanted situations along the way. Making a plan means preparing things that can cool your child when the tantrum starts. Ready some music that is baby-friendly, say nursery rhymes and songs alike. Bring also several toys including your kid’s favorite. Reserving baby treats is also important. When traveling with a baby, you should have the essentials of your kid. Place 

When planning your journey, you also have to estimate the time for the entire travel. Be realistic. When calculating travel time, keep in mind possible traffic congestions, pee breaks, and diaper change.

Car Safety

Spend much time to ensure the vehicle is good for travel. Ensure that the baby car seat is correctly installed. Then, pack the necessities of your child, this may include diapers, baby food or formula, baby bottles, pillows, baby clothes, pacifier, blanket, and more. Organizing these items on a baby Diaper bag is commendable. Bringing first aid kit is also important (your kid’s medications or prescriptions). Carry a flashlight and other car tools. You might also want to bring yourself some snacks to keep you awake on the journey. If you are traveling with another adult, then good for you! Ask the person to sit in the backseat with your kid.

Seating Arrangement

Now this is a little bit challenging. If you are traveling along with only one kid, it is best to sit your child in the front seat. In this setting, you have to make sure your baby’s things are reachable (you can place the baby diaper bag on your side or somewhere else that is easy to reach). If you’re traveling with a young kid say, an infant or a toddler, make they are secured in their baby car seat. The Parents Central have provided guidelines that parents can refer when picking the right baby car seat. Traveling with an adult company is better. Ask them to sit with your child in the backseat, or you can switch turns for driving.

While on Road

While on a journey, always remember that you have a kid with you. Never forget about pee breaks. Feel free to pull over if your child needs something that requires your full attention. Do not drive straight for a couple of hours. Pull over and let yourself and your kid stretch your stagnant extremities. Also, know your child’s mealtime schedule. Make sure to feed your infant or young baby on time. If your child is having a meltdown, you have to stop and get him feel comfortable first. Doing so is important to regain your focus on driving. Never leave your child in the car, not even for a second or a minute.

Going Home

Just when you taught you have a successful arrival, you start realizing you have to do the same to your way home. Check your car engine, plan your journey (check the weather, pick the best time to travel, and check traffic updates), and pack your kid’s supplies. Yes, bringing your tots on the road is very challenging. It requires much of preparation and smart parenting. Always remember to drive safely. And of course, make sure to make your journey fun for your kids.

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