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Visit Your Pedia Before You Travel

7th Nov 2016

bring-baby-to-pediatricianBefore you start booking your yearly vacation with your family, the first thing you need to do is to bring your baby to a doctor for a check-up. Make sure you provide your doctor with all the information about your toddler’s medical history, the destination, dates, weather condition, and environment of your trip. It is crucial for your doctor to know these details such as the country, length of your vacation, activities you plan to do during your trip.

The information you will provide will help your doctor determine what type of medicines and vaccines your baby needs in order to protect your little one’s overall health. Based on your baby’s medical history, your doctor may also recommend and suggest if your chosen destination is suitable for your baby. There are instances where certain countries may not be suitable for young children. In some places, the extreme weather and harsh environment may be harmful to your toddler’s health.

Here are a few things to remember in order for you to have a safe, fun, and hassle-free trip with your baby.

  • Set an appointment with your pediatrician My daughter isn't afraid to pay a visit hereThis is a very important step so that your doctor can ensure that your baby is ready to travel. A check-up will assure you that your baby’s health is in top shape. If your baby is taking medications, ask your doctor for a letter explaining his condition, dosage, and medicines. It is easier to present your doctor’s recommendation if you are questioned.
  • Ask your doctor for a list of medicines you need to bring – Take note of the generic names since some brands of medicines may not be available in other countries. In case you baby has an existing medical condition, make sure you bring a photocopy of your child’s medical records. In the event of an emergency, you can present your baby’s health records and medical history.
  • Get your child vaccinated – There are certain countries and cities that require vaccines and immunizations as a safety precaution. Discuss this with your pediatrician and ask for recommendations on what type of shots your baby needs.get-your-child-vaccinated
  • Check your travel insurance – Find out the coverage of your existing health insurance plan. If it does not include travel insurance, ask your travel agent, financial advisor or insurance provider for a temporary coverage.
  • Store your doctor’s number in your phone – In case of emergencies, you can contact your pediatrician. Another option is to get a list of notable English-speaking doctors from the city you planning to visit. You can check the US embassy online or ask the hotel you are going to check-in.
  • Take medications as scheduled – When traveling to another country, the time zone can mess up your clock. As much as possible, if your toddler is currently taking medicines, try to adjust the time of dosage to local time.
  •  Avoid places that can trigger your baby’s allergies or asthma, if any – If your toddler has allergies or asthma, try to schedule a trip on a month that has fewer pollutants and smog.

 Check the weather forecast – Plan a trip that is weather friendly especially to your baby. Avoid months with extreme weather conditions such as super cold or very hot temperature. This might cause your baby to become more prone to catch a cold or flu.

When you are traveling with your baby, your loved one’s health is your main concern. By following these steps, you are making sure that your baby is safe and protected. Traveling to a foreign place is exciting and risky at the same time.

Being prepared is one of the best ways you can do to prevent any potential problems from occurring during your vacation. This way, you can worry less and enjoy more.

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